Dear Awana Family,

We are almost ready to start a new Awana year.  We are aware that many of you were not able to complete your books from last year.  We will have leaders at the church at 6pm who can listen to your last year book if you would like to finish it.  We are still under COVID restrictions.  We will be fluid and try to stay up to date with any new mandates as they develop and change.  Hopefully this will Come under control quickly.  We are preparing to have club in person as well as trying to provide some type of on-line aspect to the club as well for those who are not ready to be in a public setting.  We may be unable to provide online content due to the network restrictions and the requirements needed for multiple classes to host on-line.  All aspects of club night will be slightly different during this time.  We are working on trying to find games that can minimize contact and we will be trying to maintain the required 6ft interpersonal space when ever we can.  At this point in time, masks will be considered optional under Governor Abbots order with regards to churches.  (https://www.dshs.state.tx.us/coronavirus/docs/opentx/ChurchesPlacesofWorship.pdf) 07/03/2020. We will be having our opening and closing ceremony in the sanctuary and we may have a shortened club night.  Our class sizes will be capped around 10 persons to a room.  Thank you for working with us through this time of uncertainty.   We will keep you updated here with on going changes. 


First night of club is Sep 9th.


Upcoming Awana Calendar
April 21 (Wed)
Double Buck Night (Puggles,Cubbies,Sparks,T&T,Trek,Journey)
April 24 (Sat)
Catch-Up Day Sat 11-11:30am
April 28 (Wed)
Backwards Night (Puggles,Cubbies,Sparks,T&T,Trek,Journey)
May 2 (Sun)
Catch-Up Day 1:30-2pm
May 5 (Wed)
Hilarious Hat Night (Puggles,Cubbies,Sparks,T&T,Trek,Journey)
May 9 (Sun)
Leadership Meeting 12:30pm
May 12 (Wed)
Awana Store/Move Up Night/End 4th Quarter (Puggles,Cubbies,Sparks,T&T,Trek,Journey)
May 19 (Wed)
Aloha-Splash Night